Institutional Effectiveness at the UNM College of Education


Welcome to the University of New Mexico College of Education Assessment website. The purpose of the Assessment website is to provide a ‘one-stop’ resource to faculty and stakeholders for institutional reports, candidate performance data, assessment reporting deadlines, current Academic Program Assessment Plans, and assessment templates and rubrics. Additionally, the website provides direct access to Tk20:

Tk20 HigherEd: Data management system for student level data from course based and field based assessments. System for submitting Academic Program Reports based on Program SLOs.

You may select links above to direct you to relevant information reported by the College of Education. If you have any questions, please contact the Associate Dean for Assessment, Accountability, & Accreditation, Gloria Napper-Owen, at


All academic programs in the College of Education will address the following student learning goals:

  UNM Student Learning Goals

Furthermore, all programs are mindful of the College's Core Values that guide the work of faculty and students.

Educator Preparation Programs utilize the following conceptual framework to guide the preparation and assessment of educator and other school professionals in the College's various programs.

  COE Core Values & Conceptual Framework

COE Core Values