Program Assessment


As part of COEHS’ continuous improvement process, we annually collect and analyze student assessment data to make data-informed decisions about our work in our programs. Faculty and assessment staff analyze the data in order to determine areas of strength, areas for improvement, and areas of potential innovation. This information is shared with key stakeholders, and ultimately utilized to further strengthen COEHS educational processes and outcomes.

Assessment Plans: New or revised Assessment Plans are accepted at any time and will be reviewed at College Assessment Review Committee (CARC) meetings.

Note: These should use the COEHS Approved Template found in the Documents & Templates

Academic Program (SLO) Reports Due: October 18, 2019

Note: The reporting cycle for AY 2018-2019 ends July 26, 2019.


A rigorous process of program review has been implemented for all unit programs within the College of Education & Human Sciences that prepare education professionals. Unit assessment designs are produced and implemented at the college level.

BS Athletic Trainingatep-assessment-plan.pdf
BS Early Child Multicult Educbs-ecme-assessment-plan.pdf
BSED Elementary Education - No Concentrationbsed-eled-assessment-plan.pdf
BSED Physical Educationbsed-pete-assessment-plan.pdf
BSED Secondary Education - No Concentrationbs-ba-sec-ed-assessment-plan.pdf
BSED Special Educationbsed-spcd-assess-plan.pdf
BS Exercise Sciencebs-exercise-science-assessment-plan.pdf
BS Family Studiesbs-family-studies-assessment-plan.pdf
BS Human Development Family Relationsbs-human-development-family-relations-plan.pdf
BS Nutrition & Dieteticsbs-nutrition-assessment-plan.pdf
BSED Health Education - Community Health Educbs-hed-assessment-plan.pdf
EDSPC Educational Leadership EDSPC Educ Lead - No Conceds-edlead-assessment-plan.pdf
GCERT Appl Behavior Analysisgcert-aba-assess-plan.pdf
GCERT Educational Diagnosisgcert-edag-assessment-plan.pdf
GCERT Inst Stds Intensive SLBgcert-islb-assessment-plan.pdf
GCERT Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL)gcert-tesol-assessment-plan.pdf
MA Counselingma-counseling-assessment-plan.pdf
MA Educational Psychologyma-edpy-assessment-plan.pdf
MA Elementary Educationma-el-ed-assessment-plan.pdf
MA Elementary Education - Alternative Route to K–8 Licensurema-lic-eled-assessment-plan.pdf
MA Family Studies - Family Life Educma-family-studies-conc-family-life-education-plan.pdf
MA Family Studies - Family Relationsma-family-studies-conc-family-relations-plan.pdf
MA Family Studies - Human Development in Familiesma-family-studies-conc-human-development-plan.pdf
MA Educational Leadershipma-edlead-coe-assessment-plan.pdf
MA Lang, Lit & Sociocultural St - Bilingual Educma-in-llss-bilingual-ed-plan.pdf
MA Lang, Lit & Sociocultural St - TESOLma-in-llss-tesol-plan.pdf
MA Lang, Lit & Sociocultural St - Literacy & Language Artsma-llss-literacy-assessment-plan.pdf
MA Lang, Lit & Sociocultural St - American Indian Educma-llss-amer-indian-studies-assess-plan.pdf
MA Lang, Lit & Sociocultural St - Educ Thought & Sociocultural Studiesma-in-llss-etss-academic-assessment-plan.pdf
MA Secondary Educationma-sec-ed-assessment-plan.pdf
MA Secondary Education plus Licensurema-lic-sec-ed-assessment-plan.pdf
MA Special Educationma-spcd-assessment-plan.pdf
MS Health Educationms-hed-assessment-plan.pdf
MS Nutritionms-nutrition-assessment-plan.pdf
MS Physical Education - Adapted Physical Educms-in-pe-adapted-conc-assessment.pdf
MS Physical Education - Curriculum & Instructionms-in-pe-c_i-conc-assessment-plan.pdf
MS Physical Education - Exercise Sciencems-in-pe-ex-science-conc-plan.pdf
MS Physical Education - Sport Adminms-in-pe-sports-admin-assessment-plan.pdf
MS Physical Education - General Physical EducationForthcoming
EDD Educational Leadershipedd-edlead-assessment-plan.pdf
EDS Educational Leadershipeds_edlead_coe_assessment_plan.pdf
PHD Counselor Educationphd-counseling-assessment-plan.pdf
PHD Educational Psychologyphd-edpy-assessment-plan.pdf
PHD Educational Linguisticsphd-in-ed-ling-assessment-plan.pdf
PHD Family Studiesphd-family-studies-assessment-plan.pdf
PHD Lang, Lit & Sociocultural Stphd-in-llss-assessment-plan.pdf
PHD Multicult Teach & Child EdForthcoming
PHD Phys Ed, Sports & Ex Sci - Curriculum & Instructionphd-in-peses-c-i-conc-coe-assessment-plan.pdf
PHD Phys Ed, Sports & Ex Sci - Exercise Sciencephd-in-peses-ex-science-conc-plan.pdf
PHD Phys Ed, Sports & Ex Sci - Sport Adminphd-in-peses-sports-admin-assessment-plan.pdf
PHD Special Educationphd-spcd-assessment-plan.pdf