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Role of the College Assessment Review Committee (CARC)

The College Assessment Review Committee (CARC) oversees and monitors assessment activities, practices, and processes associated with institutional effectiveness at the college level. The CARC acts as the governing body of the UNM assessment infrastructure in the College, and membership is comprised of one faculty representative from each department in the College. Faculty may consult with members of the CARC for assessment resources and guidance.

College Assessment Review Committee (CARC) Roster

Sara Nottingham
Health, Exercise & Sports Science

Jean Keim
Individual, Family & Community Education

Cari Hushman
Individual, Family & Community Education

Alison Zagona
Special Education

Mary Rice
Language, Literacy & Sociocultural Studies

Sheri Williams
Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

Data Team

The COE Data Team was established to assist programs, departments, and the College in the preparation of data to complete accountability and accreditation reports. Data requests should be submitted to

Smith R. Frederick
Please send requests for data to:

Amy Korzekwa
Data Manager

Past CARC Members

The College of Education would like to acknowledge the enduring contributions, diligence and participation of past members of the COE CARC committee who were instrumental in supporting the COE’s commitment to fostering and crafting an academic environment of effective uniform assessment processes across COE programs. Past COE CARC members influential in the implementation of this ongoing objective include:

David Atencio

Ziarat Hossain

Elizabeth Keefe

Susan McGowen

Tryphenia Peele-Eady

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