Snapshot of Teacher Preparation at UNM

In support of our commitment to continuous improvement and transparency, the COE tracks our candidates as they complete their programs and enter the workforce. The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) has identified eight outcome and impact measures to aid in evaluating completers. Below is a snapshot of what we have learned, with full reports on each measure also posted.

65% of teachers from UNM improved test scores as much or more than expected in their first year of teaching.

100% of teachers from UNM demonstrate effective teaching techniques in their first year of teaching.

“There is a baseline of excellence with UNM grads.”

100% of principals would recommend hiring teachers from UNM.

80% % of teachers who graduated from UNM who would recommend UNM's teacher preparation program.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my teacher preparation program and strongly feel that it prepared me well for my career.”

83% of students graduate.

70% of them graduate on time.

UNM Graduates are more likely to pass their licensure tests.

Licensure Test Pass Rates

UNM 94%
NM Average 81%

71% of graduates get licensed to teach in the state of New Mexico.

67% of graduates are teaching in the state of New Mexico.

Tuition at UNM costs less than the national average

Undergraduate Tuition Cost Per Year

UNM $7,875
Public University $10,440
Private University $36,880